Our Services

At IQ, our reputation is built on the value of the services we perform within our state-of-the-art software development facility or by embedding an experienced IQ engineer at your site to work shoulder-to-shoulder with your full-time staff. To ensure timely deadlines and smooth deliveries, we rigorously document and communicate all progress, keeping you informed of operations at every stage of your project!

Custom Software Development & Engineering

Our team’s experience empowers us to readily contribute to your project regardless of whether you’re starting from scratch or perfecting the latest iteration of your software. We thrive in OS, Database, UI, Web Server, and Server-side code, and we excel in Agile, Waterfall, and Iterative SDLCs for Full Stack Development, Embedded Software Development, and Digital Transformation Services.


Hire once and hire well by leveraging our long history of successfully identifying high-caliber, team-focused talent. We recruit for your company as if we were hiring for IQ, which ensures you only receive recommendations for the applicants best suited for your team’s individual needs and goals.

Quality Assurance & Testing

Our experienced Quality Assurance and Testing team are adept at working within rigorous processes and procedures to ensure all software complies with quality specifications and industry regulations—all while adhering to detailed documentation standards. Our team exercises various use cases to consistently identify and eliminate potential issues as they emerge.

Product Development

IQ has years of experience working within regulated industries and across a variety of platforms, including Web, IoT, Mobile, and others. Our development process has been honed to meet our customers’ diverse goals and specifications. If your company has its own process that must be followed due to regulatory constraints, we can easily tailor our process to fit within yours. We will work closely with your team to understand your requirements, whether you’re building a product from the ground up or adding features to your current version.

Smart Automation

Headquartered near Pittsburgh’s industry-leading robotics hub, we’re familiar with the cutting-edge technologies behind Smart Automation and its potential to enhance user experience, especially through AI, DevSecOps, Machine Learning, and Data Analysis.

Big Data & Analytic Services

We’ll unlock the full power of your data by mining invaluable insights that can inform strategic decisions that guide your company’s growth. Our team can help you tap into data from disparate sources and pull them into one coherent database that assists in analysis and drawing informed conclusions.