We excel at end-to-end custom software development projects, including full stack development to systems integration to testing to certification support. This work is performed either at our state-of-the-art development facility or by embedding IQ software development engineers on site to work shoulder-to-shoulder with your full time staff. If your needs go beyond augmenting your existing staff to complete a project or implement your long-term technology vision, we also provide contract-to-hire and direct placement services. When we are delivering our services to any customer, we pay particular attention to perhaps the most important aspect of any software development project – the recurring communications required to ensure that the entire team, top to bottom, is informed about risks, upsides and impact of the scope / feature changes that inevitably occur throughout a complex development. IQ rigorously documents progress and communicates with its customers continuously as we work together to achieve your software development objectives. You’ll always know where your project stands when you work with IQ.

If you’re faced with any of, or a combination of collapsing cycle times, tighter budgets and a talent shortage, IQ will work collaboratively with you to achieve your development and engineering goals:

Software Engineering

IQ excels at all components of full stack software development and possesses the talent to contribute at any level – OS, Database, UI, Web Server or Server-side code. We’re adept at embedded and application implementations and have proven experience in a broad array of applications in a variety of industries. IQ works well in Agile, Waterfall and Iterative SDLCs.

Software Testing

IQ’s philosophy of thorough and systematic testing ensures that products meet customer specifications and industry standards. We pay special attention to regulatory concerns so that clients can be confident that work delivered by IQ holds up under the scrutiny of a regulatory or client audit, and that test results are documented.

Software Quality Assurance

IQ has experienced software engineers to perform quality assurance services, providing processes and procedures needed to ensure that developed software complies with quality specifications and regulations. IQ adheres to rigorous documentation standards for both regulated and unregulated industries.

We have been recruiting and providing top-tier technical talent to our customers for decades, and we’re experts at identifying and recruiting technical resources, regardless of geographical or talent market-availability challenges.

So let’s get started – please contact us for a strategy consultation. We’d love to learn more about your current and future needs, and understand how IQ can help you achieve your development goals.