From The President & CEO

Featured, IQ Culture
by: Scott Plummer

During a recent quarterly meeting, President & CEO Barb VanKirk took some time to look back on 2022, and forward to 2023. The following is what she shared with us in that meeting.

2022 was a rollercoaster ride for sure! From leadership turnover, saying good bye to colleagues moving on to new adventures, onboarding new talent, closing out projects, starting new projects, outrageous gas prices, inflation. It was a wild ride! We prevailed, and showed our resilience.

I’m filled with a sense of optimism at the prospect of a bright year! I am excited for what the new year has in store for us! New projects, adding new team members, learning and growing with you! We have a very talented and dedicated team and you are appreciated! None of our work is done alone nor in a vacuum. We need you and we rely on you and your engagement with one another and with our customers to help us achieve our Vision, “Impact the Quality of Life Through Technology!”

2023 will be the year to embrace the ministry of Encouragement!

Encouragement is something we all need in whatever work we are undertaking. Each of us need to be encouraged!

1. Be motivated to inspire yourself: Enthusiasm is infectious and spreads like wild fire. To inspire you have to feel it first!
2. Treat everyone as individuals. One size does not fit all!
3. Provide challenges. Challenge what others believe they can attain, and they will be motivated to achieve them!
4. Acknowledge the progress in others with energy and enthusiasm. When others know their progress is noticed, it energizes them.
5. Create a motivating environment. We all flourish when we are empowered to do our job!
6. Recognize and acknowledge one another’s efforts. Congratulations on a job well done and a thank you go a long way.

In closing, Thank you! Each of you are doing a great job, and you are appreciated!

Barbara A. VanKirk
President & CEO