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Your business is like no other and we recognize that. IQ works to understand your specific needs and the unique challenges facing your business. Together we can develop a custom solution for your project or consulting needs. Partner with IQ today to support the development and testing of your custom software. We'll work with you to...

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Our team of highly skilled software engineers, software testers, and software quality assurance engineers is ready to take on new challenges. Our employees will bring their drive and experience to software projects of all shapes and sizes. We work hard, play hard, and really get to know you and your business. When you are looking for consultants to join your team or need a custom software solution, IQ is your one-stop shop.

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  • Managing Your Product Roadmap

    The importance of your product roadmap The product roadmap is one of the most important assets possessed in a technology company.  The phrase product roadmap generally conjures up visions of GANTT charts, detailed spreadsheets, pyramids and the like.  Dates and deliverables are certainly derived from a product roadmap, and serve to direct the allocation and […]

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  • EY Announces Barbara VanKirk of IQ Inc. Entrepreneur of the year® 2017 Award Finalist in Western PA and WV

    EY announced that Barbara VanKirk, President and Founder of IQ. Inc. as a finalist for the Entrepreneur Of The Year ® 2017 Award in the Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia region. The awards program, which is celebrating its 31st year, recognizes entrepreneurs who are excelling in areas such as innovation, financial performance and personal commitment […]

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  • Firmware, Firmware, Everywhere

    What is firmware? Remember the back-in-the-day anxiety associated with  getting a new printer, bringing it home, plugging it in and crossing your fingers? Yeah, I don’t like to think about it either. Generally, the reason that ‘stupid printer’ sat idly, no matter how many times you pressed the Print command, was because it couldn’t talk […]

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  • Which approach is the best – on-site or remote development?

    One of the most common questions that a hiring manager processes when she hires a software engineering consultant is, ‘Should they work from my office or remotely?’ As with most business decisions, the answer is, ‘It depends.’ What we’ve found in our 22 years of experience is that three potential working arrangements can be characterized […]

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  • IQ Inc. Open House

    We had around 100 people attend the 2017 IQ Inc. Open House on Thursday May 11th! It was a wonderful event attended by clients, prospects, vendors, previous IQ employees, current IQ employees, and their loved ones. Celebrating the move to our new office space in Monroeville with hot hor d’oeuvres, cold beer, and great company. […]

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  • Why do software projects fail?

    “Our plan is to invent some sort of doohickey that everyone wants to buy.” -Pointy-Haired Boss, Dilbert Thousands of lines of code…dozens of people…customer deadlines…budget constraints. What could possibly go wrong? The short answer is – a lot can go wrong with a lengthy, complex software development project. Development methodologies and tools have evolved to […]

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  • Challenges of Choosing a Software Development Partner

    The competition for top-tier software development talent has never been tighter, and it’s forecasted to get even more challenging.  ‘Lone-wolf’ web developers and designers abound, but true full-stack software engineers and consulting firms that possess this expertise are in scarce supply. The impact of this shortage is compounded as schedules collapse and budgets shrink, all […]

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  • Our New Office Space!

    We are all moved in to our new office space! The dust has settled and the boxes have been unpacked – take a look at some pictures of our new collaboration-friendly space! Featuring 3 conference rooms, an open-air working space, and plenty of room to grow!

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  • Reaching new heights…

    …and being knocked down by dodgeballs. Here at IQ we are always looking for new and fun ways for our employees to practice teambuilding. So when Ryan suggested we jump around like kids at a trampoline park – some of us were all for it.   A handful of IQ employees traveled to the Sky […]

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  • IQ Attends the 2017 Book of Lists Gala!

    IQ Inc. Vice President Amy Peterson and Business Development Manager Paula Grendys attended the 2017 Book of Lists Gala on January 30th. It was a very exciting party with a wild forest theme and some (not too dangerous) snakes!     See more photos from the event on the Businss Journal’s website here!

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