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Your business is like no other and we recognize that. IQ works to understand your specific needs and the unique challenges facing your business. Together we can develop a custom solution for your project or consulting needs. Partner with IQ today to support the development and testing of your custom software. We'll work with you to...

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Our team of highly skilled software engineers, software testers, and software quality assurance engineers is ready to take on new challenges. Our employees will bring their drive and experience to software projects of all shapes and sizes. We work hard, play hard, and really get to know you and your business. When you are looking for consultants to join your team or need a custom software solution, IQ is your one-stop shop.

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  • Virtual Tech Trivia

      On Thursday February 25th, IQ held the 7th installment of our Tech Trivia. Tech Trivia was contrived by a team internally with the idea of creating an informal yet challenging, competitive, and most importantly FUN event that would act as a networking forum to provide opportunity for Pittsburgh technical professionals and those sharing common […]

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  • ImportError: attempted relative import with no known parent package

    by: Ryan Ernst You hate to see it. You just started a new project. Things are going great. You decide it is time to get serious — so you start a second file and begin moving the extraneous functions into that file. You finish the cleanup effort. Feeling great. Let’s run it one more time […]

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  • Pittsburgh Civic Hackathon and SheInnovates 2021

    Over the past couple of weekends, some of our dedicated IQ employees took some of their personal time to participate in two local hackathons. The Pittsburgh Civic Hackathon, and Pitt’s Women’s Hackathon, SheInnovates 2021. IQ was a Gold Sponsor for SheInnovates, as well as being a Participating Sponsor for the Pittsburgh Civic Hackathon. IQ software […]

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    Through trial and error (in 2020), we came together, discovered and implemented new ways to help our customers, our communities and one another! We adopted new ways to stay connected. We gained a renewed sense of community; we embraced life with family and for many, we discovered ourselves, what makes us happy. “OUR WHY”. Why […]

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  • IQ Social Good Update

    In late November, the IQ Social Good Committee met to discuss how we could give back to our community, while staying safe during COVID. In years past, IQ held toy drives within the office.  Employees would purchase gifts and place them under a tree, however this year would be different. It was difficult to pick […]

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  • Psychology in UX Design

    Welcome to the eighth and final article in our user experience series. In our previous post, we discussed the importance of accessibility when designing and building products usable by everyone. In this post, we will learn about the importance of understanding the psychology of users when designing our products along with some interesting and common […]

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  • Accessibility and Universal Design

    Welcome to the seventh article in our user experience series. In our previous post, we discussed the importance of usability testing and some techniques for running a successful usability test. In this post, we will learn why and how to design inclusive and accessible products. In case you missed them, you can find the other […]

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  • One Mic Stand: Sitting down with PTC’s Jonathan Kersting

    Jonathan Kersting from the Pittsburgh Technology Council and Chris Smith, Talent Management Coordinator at IQ Inc., enjoyed a friendly conversation regarding IQ and the culture that makes working there so great!

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  • Usability Testing

    Welcome to the sixth article in our user experience series. In our previous post, we discussed some strategies for the design ideation process and how to create interactive prototypes. This post will look at the next step in the design process, which is usability testing. In case you missed them, you can find the other […]

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  • 2020 Tech50 CEO of the Year Winner – Barbara VanKirk

    The 2020 Tech 50 Award Ceremony was held on November 12th via Zoom. This annual event, hosted by The Pittsburgh Technology Council, honors technology innovation in our region. Finalists from a wide variety of categories, as well as Finalists for the CEO of the Year Awards were showcased throughout the evening. We are very excited […]

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