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Your business is like no other and we recognize that. IQ works to understand your specific needs and the unique challenges facing your business. Together we can develop a custom solution for your project or consulting needs. Partner with IQ today to support the development and testing of your custom software. We'll work with you to...

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Our team of highly skilled software engineers, software testers, and software quality assurance engineers is ready to take on new challenges. Our employees will bring their drive and experience to software projects of all shapes and sizes. We work hard, play hard, and really get to know you and your business. When you are looking for consultants to join your team or need a custom software solution, IQ is your one-stop shop.

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  • 3 Tips for Resume Preparation

    Preparing to present and speak to your resume can make or break your chances as a candidate. Here are some tips to help your resume and yourself as you apply to new roles.

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  • Writing Meaningful User Stories

    Writing Meaningful User Stories Welcome to the third article in our user experience series! In our previous post, we discussed how to conduct user research in order to understand the user’s needs, desires, and constraints to better inform your UX designs. Now that you have compiled the results of your research, how can you best […]

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  • Helping our Community during COVID!

    It is very important for us to do what we can to help those less fortunate than ourselves, especially during an unprecedented time such as this. Giving back to the community and supporting a caring environment is the foundation on which IQ Inc. was built. Taking all of this into account, Tyler Sechler, one of […]

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  • 3 Tips for Virtual Interviewing

    Interviewing virtually presents a whole new set of obstacles. Here are some informative and entertaining “do’s and don’ts” to keep in mind for your next remote interview.

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    ARTICLE ONE – EXAMINING THE PERSPECTIVES (AGILE – VS – REGULATED DEVELOPMENT) Greetings everyone, and welcome to the opening article in a series of blog posts concerning Medical Device Development using AGILE techniques.  I will begin by firmly stating that I am no expert on this subject.  I am, however, a successful practitioner of the […]

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  • How to Conduct User Research

    Welcome to the second article in our user experience series here at IQ Inc! In our previous post, we laid the foundation for why user experience is important to both the user and the business. If you’d like to learn more about that or refresh your memory, please check out the previous post here: https://iq-inc.com/why-ux-is-important. […]

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  • The Type-Safe Full-Stack: Angular, NestJS, Nx

    Do you enjoy type-safety? Check out what Jeremy Zacharia, a Software Engineer at IQ Inc., worked on in his home office during this pandemic. Jeremy dove deep into how one can leverage Typescript in a monorepository. Please check out the following article that dives into backend and frontend architecture, as well as dependency restriction.   […]

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    MEDICAL DEVICE DEVELOPMENT USING AGILE PRINCIPLES Read all about it!! Medical Device Software Series Update! Beginning in April 2020, we will begin publishing a blog series on performing Medical Device Development using Agile/Scrum  methodologies.  Many myths and misconceptions exist on this subject, and some folks believe that using Agile methods are completely incompatible with medical […]

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  • Social Good at IQ!

    The Smokin’ Hot Chefs were back at it again! On February 25th, members of the Social Good Committee visited the Ronald McDonald House at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh to prepare dinner for the many families that are currently staying there. On the menu was a delicious trio of pastas, salad, rolls, and cookies! We felt […]

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  • Why UX is Important

    Welcome to the first article in our user experience series from IQ Inc! For the first post in the series, we will explain why a proper understanding of user experience (UX) is essential for IQ and our clients when creating or updating products. What is user experience? User experience has become a buzzword in the […]

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