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Your business is like no other and we recognize that. IQ works to understand your specific needs and the unique challenges facing your business. Together we can develop a custom solution for your project or consulting needs. Partner with IQ today to support the development and testing of your custom software. We'll work with you to...

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Our team of highly skilled software engineers, software testers, and software quality assurance engineers is ready to take on new challenges. Our employees will bring their drive and experience to software projects of all shapes and sizes. We work hard, play hard, and really get to know you and your business. When you are looking for consultants to join your team or need a custom software solution, IQ is your one-stop shop.

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  • TECHNICAL BLOG SERIES – Quality Assurance Testing

    MEDICAL DEVICE DEVELOPMENT USING AGILE PRINCIPLES Read all about it!! Technical QA Blog Series Update! Beginning in April 2020, we will begin publishing a blog series on performing Medical Device Development using Agile/Scrum  methodologies.  Many myths and misconceptions exist on this subject, and some folks believe that using Agile methods are completely incompatible with medical […]

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  • Social Good at IQ!

    The Smokin’ Hot Chefs were back at it again! On February 25th, members of the Social Good Committee visited the Ronald McDonald House at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh to prepare dinner for the many families that are currently staying there. On the menu was a delicious trio of pastas, salad, rolls, and cookies! We felt […]

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  • Why UX is Important

    Welcome to the first article in our user experience series from IQ Inc! For the first post in the series, we will explain why a proper understanding of user experience (UX) is essential for IQ and our clients when creating or updating products. What is user experience? User experience has become a buzzword in the […]

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  • Technical Blog Series 1 – UI and UX, a journey with IQ Inc.

    Technical Blog Series Alert – UI/UX 2020, an IQ Inc. 8-part blogging journey… IQ Inc.’s UI / UX Blog Series is here! What does this mean, you ask?! Starting February 2020, we will be starting an 8-Part, monthly blog series about the wonderful and quirky world of user experience (UX). Lately, UX has been a […]

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  • IQ Inc.’s 2020 Vision is Clear At the start of every new year, many of us reflect on the past and look to the future. …. 2020, a NEW YEAR and a NEW DECADE! 2020…. 20/20 vision is a term for visual acuity….Vision is all about clarity! 20/20 vision is perfect, high definition clarity! We’ve […]

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  • Employee Spotlight – Alan Barker

    As we wind down an incredible 2019, we are excited to share our next Employee Spotlight and shine it on Alan Barker, Software Architect at IQ Inc.  Alan has graced IQ Inc. with his technical chops and kind, yet curious, demeanor, for over 6 years!  Read what Alan shared about his experiences here: What motivates […]

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  • STEM for Middle School Girls!

    Coding for Middle School Girls IQ Inc. with Pitt and SWE++ Purpose Introduce middle school aged girls to software engineering by teaching them how to use programming languages to solve problems. What is SWE++ SWE++ (pronounced s-we-ee) stands for the Society of Women in Engineering. The mission of this organization is to introduce more women […]

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  • 25 Years of IQ Inc.

    Barbara VanKirk is the CEO of IQ Inc. She is a fearless leader who wears many hats! Barb is your friend, she is caring and funny, she is fair, she is honest, and she is straight-forward with what she is passionate about, which is IQ Inc. and impacting lives through technology. Barbara started IQ Inc. […]

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  • Social Good at IQ Inc.

    There are six pillars that uphold the culture of IQ Inc. And it is one of those pillars, “We Care about the growth and development of our people, our clients, and our community”, that inspired fellow Software Engineer, Andrew Eagle, to create a “Social Good” Committee in July of 2019.  #SocialGoodatIQInc. It’s not as formal […]

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  • Imposter Syndrome in the Tech World

    Our Tech Blog Series will be a compilation of topics that are both meaningful and relevant to the Tech Industry (and beyond)! Our first blog covers the topic of Imposter Syndrome, a feeling that many of us experience at some point in our lives. Fellow IQ’er, Sam Cheng, discussed this psychological phenomenon at our annual […]

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