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Your business is like no other. We recognize that. We work to understand your specific needs and the unique challenges facing your business. Together we can develop a custom solution for your software development or consulting needs. Partner with us today to support the development and testing of your custom software. We'll work with you to...

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Our team of highly skilled software engineers, software testers, and software quality assurance engineers is ready to take on new challenges. Our employees will bring their drive and experience to software development projects of all shapes and sizes. We work hard, play hard, and really get to know you and your business. When you are looking for consultants to join your team or need a custom software solution, IQ is your one-stop shop.

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  • Employee Spotlight – Eric Frick

    What motivates you every day? I love learning new things. The ability to learn a new skill and apply it to something I’m working on is a major driving factor for me. Briefly describe what you do at IQ. I’m a software engineer and an Engagement Leader. Most of my time is spent doing engineering […]

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  • This Post was Written by an Artificial Intelligence

    This entire post was produced using the GPT-3 language model. Editing was extremely minimal, and the writing prompt(s) were suggested to GPT-3 by Ryan Ernst. Check out this video by Karl Hughes to get a rough idea of how this post was created: https://youtu.be/lywWkR0vo_A This post was written using a new machine-learning algorithm called gpt-3. […]

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  • IQ Summer Picnic

    After taking a year off due to gathering restrictions caused by the pandemic, the IQ summer picnic made it’s return this year. For many employees, it was the first time they had met some of their coworkers outside of a Zoom call. We had a great turnout, great food, and a successful corn hole tournament. […]

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  • Employee Spotlight – Sharon

      What motivates you every day? Being part of a company where my work and value are recognized and appreciated. Briefly describe what you do at IQ. I do a mix of project coordination, technical writing, and requirement analysis. What does your work space look like? I share a small office with a 9 year […]

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  • Employee Spotlight – Denise Cortinovis-Jablonski

    What motivates you every day? First and foremost, my family. My husband and I have two young kids that are non-stop. I love seeing the world through their eyes, although I’m exhausted by the time I go to sleep! They are 100% my motivation each and every day! I’m also motivated by the employees of […]

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  • Ask an Architect: Becoming a Software Architect

    by: Jessica Green and Ryan Ernst Welcome to the second post in the IQ Ask an Architect Series! In this series of posts, I will be collaborating with one or more of our Systems Architects to pick their brains on various topics. If you missed the first post, you can check it out here: Five […]

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  • 2nd IQ Gauntlet of Code

    On Thursday June 24, IQ held it’s 2nd Gauntlet of Code. Each individual or team of up to four competed against other software developers, working to solve a series of timed coding puzzles in a race to the finish! Jean Lange had this to say: “We had SO MUCH FUN at the Gauntlet of Code […]

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  • Pride Month

    IQ recognizes Pride Month and supports all who have not felt included throughout their journey. We want to take this month to acknowledge that we have to do better in our diversity, inclusion, and unconscious biases. All people have the right to be themselves and be part of a positive future without feeling isolated because […]

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  • Python Absolute Value

    by: Ryan Ernst The absolute value of a number is the non-negative value of a number without regard to its sign. This is often useful when you care more about the size of a value, you are calculating a delta from zero in either direction, or you are measuring something that is direction agnostic and only care […]

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  • The University of Pittsburgh Society of Women Engineers

      At IQ we understand the importance of STEM education and are proud to once again be a supporter of PittSWE. The University of Pittsburgh Society of Women Engineers. During the spring semester, PittSWE held “11 outreach events with 650+ students, 13 professional development events, 8 social events, and 7 mentorship events.” PittSWE were also […]

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