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"Coming together to create this tribe that builds technology solutions that impact lives. That’s really what’s most important."- Barbara VanKirk

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There's something compelling about the space in-between and the work that unites us. Your needs and our goals. Your expertise and our challenges. Your hard work and our respect. At IQ Inc. we’ve created an environment where your individual voice, well-being and workstyle matter. Where YOU and the work we do TOGETHER matter.

Challenge & Support

Challenging each other and supporting one another go hand in hand here. We create an intellectually challenging environment through accountability and rewarding work. And we match that with the support we all need to tackle challenges together.

Inclusivity & Individuality

Challenges are solved best with fresh ideas. And where do they come from? Individuals with new perspectives, unique work styles and diverse backgrounds. We trust you to be one of those people and give you a safe inclusive environment to share your voice.

Autonomy & Collaboration

Individual and collaborative success don’t have to be mutually exclusive. To get there, we give people the room to be themselves and the tools to better collaborate with one another. It may sound strange, but we’ve found the most unique people work better when we recognize their unique voice and then team them up with others.

Transparency & Trust

Collaboration only comes when we have mutual trust and transparent communication. The true reward from all that hard work is the investment that we make in one another. And the successful work that results? That’s pretty great, too.

Work & Well-Being

Trust means understanding that our client-driven work doesn’t come at the expense of our people. The desire to do meaningful things for our clients should always go hand-in-hand with our need to lead even more meaningful lives.


Sr. C++ Software Engineer

In this role you will exhibit the characteristics of a great leader and have expert level C++ programming skills.

Sr. Embedded Software Engineer

Embedded Software Engineer

Mobile Developer

Mobile Developer role utilizing Angular and NativeScript to improve the quality of life for it's application users.

Lead Software Engineer

This Lead SWE will work with hands-on development and management responsibilities! Many hats will be worn in their day to day activities!

Software Engineer (C++, C#, and/or Java)

IQ Inc. is currently seeking a Software Engineer who has experience using object-oriented programming and enjoys working on an interactive team!

Principal Software Engineer

We are looking for Full Stack Software Engineers to do the design, development, and implementation of Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) for clients!

AI Software Engineer

This Software Engineer has experience in SDLC, enjoys working with global and remote teams, and has a passion for traveling to client sites!

Sr. Robotics Engineer - Perception

We are looking for candidates who are highly motivated independent thinkers, passionate about state-of-the-art technology.

Configuration Engineer

We are looking for an early-career Software Engineer who is familiar with Linux, has strong leadership skills, and loves to be part of a team!

IT Hardware Engineer (All Levels)

IT Hardware Design Engineer

Associate Software Engineer (C++)

In this role you will be developing software in a linux environment!