About Us

Let’s build the perfect solution, together

IQ Inc. (IQ) is a software development company and consulting firm. Since 1994, IQ has collaborated with its customers to ensure that development schedules are met, within budget, utilizing the highest caliber talent available.

We excel at end-to-end custom software development projects, including full stack development to systems integration to testing to certification support. This work is performed either at our state-of-the-art development facility in Western PA or by embedding IQ consultants on site to work shoulder-to-shoulder with your full time staff. If your needs go beyond augmenting your existing staff, we also provide contract-to-hire and direct placement services.

IQ has applied experience in Medical Devices, Energy, Transportation, Healthcare, Manufacturing and a host of others. IQ’s consultancy involves the application of computer engineering, computer science and electrical engineering skills to developing solutions that solve problems, oftentimes in creative and innovative ways.

Speaking of skills, here’s a list of areas where IQ can be your go-to talent source:

  • Embedded Software Engineers
  • Software Engineers
  • Software Test Engineers
  • System Engineers
  • Software Quality Assurance Engineers

At the end of the day, our customers’ success relies on their ability to attract, engage and retain the very best software developers. IQ’s sole mission is to address that imperative, in the manner that best matches our customers’ staffing needs and product roadmap requirements.

So let’s get started – please contact us for a free strategy consultation. We’d love to learn more about your current and future needs, and understand how IQ can help you achieve your development goals.

From our Founder

More than 20 years ago, I had a vision to create a collaborative, flexible and rewarding work environment while also providing stimulating projects and opportunities for employees to grow, personally and professionally.

Creating this balanced workplace culture has benefited my employees and me alike and has allowed us together to manifest the value we place on nurturing long-term relationships while solving our client’s technical problems!

Our “People first” philosophy is the number one reason for IQ’s continued success. We are passionate about the people we hire and the people we serve and believe that their success is our success!

In carrying out our mission, IQ embraces the cornerstones of the “Serving Leader” model where leading with respect, honesty, love, and spirituality empowers every member of our team. We encourage our employees to find passion, purpose and happiness in their work and in their life, to lead from their hearts in service to our clients and to each other.

And, our commitment to these principles does not stop once we leave the office. IQ is also dedicated to improving the overall success of the communities we serve. We join in and sponsor local fundraising events for our employees, their children, our clients, many neighborhoods and schools. You can find us sharing our talents at events like ”Race for the Cure,” “Tri Girls,” “Feeding the Spirit,” “Bowl for the Cure” and “Toys for Tots.”

As we work together to advance our serving work culture both inside and outside the office, it is my promise to provide continuous opportunities for our employees to move from “success to significance.” In helping each member of our team find the legacy they would like to leave, I believe I will find my own significance as well.

Warmest Regards,
Barbara VanKirk
President and Founder