Industries Served Through Experience and Expertise

Our team has partnered with a variety of companies across a wide range of industries. We lend our skills in software engineering, product development, QA and testing, big data and analytics, and other services. Industries we support include:

Medical Devices

Our team has experience working with ventilators, injection systems, eye surgery tools, sleep apnea devices, and more. As a result, we’ve developed a deep knowledge of FDA guidelines, which has led to shorter development cycles and quicker approvals. Plus, our QA team carefully and methodically tests all software to ensure it’s safe for commercial use.

Healthcare / Pharmaceutical

IQ was an early player in developing systems for electronic prescription processing and analysis to prevent harmful interactions. We have since continued pushing in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industries by building apps to assist in managing doctor caseloads and lab results. Thanks to our familiarity with HIPAA laws and FDA regulations, our team is equipped to efficiently develop new products for these industries.


Our team has a wide range of experience within the Transportation industry, including the development of switching and control software, and database applications for maintaining safety and employee information. Our reputation for remaining on schedule makes us a natural fit for time-pressed transportation companies.


At IQ, our mission is to impact the quality of life through technology. Partnering with non-profits empowers us to directly improve the world around us by better equipping organizations focused on the greater good.


Our team has developed multiple applications for the manufacturing industry, including one that collects shop floor data to assist in scheduling, and another that provides fast, custom product quotes to help the manufacturer maintain its competitive edge. Our knack for creativity, customization, and problem solving has made us an active player in the evolution of manufacturing.


Our team has lent support to major players in nuclear power and fossil fuels, having developed mathematical models to simulate the effects of nuclear radiation for power plants, and data mining capabilities for the Department of Energy. At IQ, we’re dedicated to accuracy and meeting federal regulations, which empowers us to work well with modern energy companies.


IQ is headquartered in Pittsburgh, a leading hub of the vibrant Robotics industry. We’ve worked side-by-side with some of the most exciting innovators in robotics to enhance their software development while providing testing services and consultations that lead the way in building inspiring technologies.


IQ has a long history of working within the Financial Industry, having developed SaaS payment systems, case management systems, and even custom software to interface with existing client documentation programs. Our team’s robust knowledge of databases, computing platforms, and programming tools helps us develop elegant solutions to complex challenges.