IQ understands that the success of the company is dependent on the dedication of the employees that work there. Working hard, while having fun has always been a motto that IQ lives by. Each employee is valued, and both little and big accomplishments are celebrated! IQ Inc. fundamentally believes that building an organization with a strong culture is the best way to maintain a high level of achievement. At IQ Inc. culture is everything! Our Value Stories are a way to feature a fellow IQ Inc. employee who has, or is, exemplifying our core company values and upholding our culture. The Value Story, below, features our Administrative Assistant. Nancy is not only appreciated for her dedication, she is considered an integral part to the success of the company!

IQ is fortunate to have many amazing employees who believe in, and live out, our core values on a daily basis.  I chose to share this IQ Value story about Nancy Comisak.  After working as an IQ consultant for 18 years at Kennametal, Nancy “retired” (for a 2nd. . . or maybe 3rd time).  About a year and a half later, we called her to ask if she would work part time in our office as our Administrative Assistant.  Since she is a glutton for punishment, she agreed and came back to IQ in June 2015.

Nancy embodies the IQ value of being dedicated to working hard, solving problems, and having fun.  She tackles some crazy problems related to the building, time sheets, bills from vendors, the phone, the bathroom, etc., before most of us even know there is a problem.  She seems to know all of Westmoreland county and knows exactly who to call to help her with whatever situation she’s facing.

Nancy’s dedication to her work is unwavering.  She is in the office before 7:00 am and rarely leaves before 4:30 pm.  As someone who relies on her a LOT . . . she is a step ahead of me most days and is one of the most resourceful and reliable people with whom I’ve ever worked.