Helping our Community during COVID!

It is very important for us to do what we can to help those less fortunate than ourselves, especially during an unprecedented time such as this. Giving back to the community and supporting a caring environment is the foundation on which IQ Inc. was built. Taking all of this into account, Tyler Sechler, one of IQ’s amazing Talent Management Coordinators, came up with an incredible idea to start a COVID-19 Charitable Donation Initiative. IQ employees, along with family and friends, came together to donate to the following charities; Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, Feeding the Spirit, and Ronald McDonald House. IQ matched 100% of the donations and in total we were able to donate $11,050 to these special charities!

IQ also reached out to The PIT Shop (a small business made up of the owner and one employee that hand-selects unique, delicious and nutritious snacks and delivers them to Pittsburgh offices) to purchase some of their healthy snacks that were sitting in inventory and asked that they partner with 412 Food Rescue to donate these goods. In total, 1,700 snacks such as healthy chips, energy bars, gluten free snacks, beef sticks, granola bars and low sugar snacks, as well as 20 cases of sparkling water were delivered to Everyday’s A Sunday and supported the Garfield Community!

Check out Tyler discussing IQ and it’s initiative during his One Mic Stand Call with PTC’s Jonathan Kersting!