Designing And Developing A New, Ultra-Reliable Healthcare Technology

Industries: Healthcare / Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Robotics
Services: Custom Software Development & Engineering, Product Development, Smart Automation

The Company: A Leader in Healthcare Technology

A multi-national healthcare technology company built its reputation on delivering incredible accuracy through its pharmaceutical automation products. When the company decided to develop a flagship product for hospital use, it relied on IQ to deliver an ultra-reliable and consistent final product to help the company penetrate its newest target market.

The Challenge: Automation and Scalability

Although the company planned to quickly create its next-generation flagship product, the team lacked the appropriate internal resources to finish the project on their own. In addition, the final product had to meet very specific requirements. The product had to:

  1. safely automate and control the workflow of compounding drugs for hospital patients.
  2. remove human error from hospital pharmaceutical processes.
  3. remain flexible, customizable, user-friendly, and scalable for a wide range of hospital workers.

The Solution: Building a Custom Solution

IQ became the company’s go-to developer and built the entire product on their behalf. Over the course of a year, our team systematically designed and developed the company’s new enterprise-wide cloud-based system to interface with hospital HL7 systems, pharmacy systems, and new compounding devices. We then developed a formulary server to store, manage, approve, and distribute patient formulary and container information. All of this was completed in C# and in a React-Redux framework to ensure incredible flexibility and allow the software to be hosted on hospital premises or in Azure. Today, hospital pharmacists using the product have full control of the hospital’s compounding workflow processes—even if the compounding devices are located in other parts of the building or in another facility altogether.