Building DevOps Solutions and Capabilities for a Rail Transportation Company

Industries: Transportation
Services: Custom Software Development & Engineering, Smart Automation

The Company: A Global Leader in Rail Transportation

The client is a leading innovator in Rail Transportation with over $4bn in revenue. With over 100 years’ history in innovation in mobility across the world and a track record of performance and safety, they are focused on building their next generation of train control software. At the center of their mission is a drive to contribute to society through pioneering solutions, and freight and metro railways around the world depend on their delivery of original and superior products and technologies.

The Challenge: Accelerating DevOps Maturity

Keeping with their company goals and vision, the client planned to use the latest technology and methods for their next-generation train control system. This established an urgent need for team experience with Kubernetes and CI/CD pipelines in a K8s environment. Problematically, they lacked the in-house experience that would be vital to their success in standing up a new system using these technologies and methods. Because innovation and ambition are inextricably linked to their values and mission, it became essential to seek outside assistance for their new project.

The Solution: Building Solutions and Capabilities

IQ embedded a DevOps engineer into the client team with a two-fold approach:

  1. Expediently address and solve existing issues
  2. Upskill team members to become proficient in Kubernetes and DevOps practices

The IQ DevOps engineer provided much-needed knowledge for architecture and work planning discussions. They were also able to quickly resolve some existing issues impeding the completion of work. Our engineer, while overseeing all DevOps related efforts, worked closely with 2-3 team members from the client’s team to grow their competencies. The end result: with our help, our client is now building the requisite experience in-house so as not to be dependent on IQ long-term. This sharp increase in competency and confidence in their teams allows them to deliver on their project goals.