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by: IQ Admin

Through trial and error (in 2020), we came together, discovered and implemented new ways to help our customers, our communities and one another! We adopted new ways to stay connected. We gained a renewed sense of community; we embraced life with family and for many, we discovered ourselves, what makes us happy. “OUR WHY”. Why it is “WE DO WHAT WE DO”? Let’s not lose “sight” of our high-definition clarity; let’s continue to foster what we have “gained” in 2020! Let’s resolve to:

  1. Make laughing a priority every day – Laughter is the best medicine; Laughter reduces anxiety and decreases levels of stress hormones. It is essential to building relationships and strengthening human connection; give yourself permission to laugh every day.
  2. Spend quality time alone – I know, many of us spent too much time in 2020 alone. Take care of yourself! Tune into your thoughts. Explore your senses. Take in your environment. Take time for yourself. BE YOUR BEST SELF.
  3. Practice gratitude daily – A sense of gratitude is a powerful and positive experience that can promote a healthier, happier life. Focus on what we have, instead of what we don’t. Take time to count your blessings daily by thanking someone or something every day.
  4. Embrace a “Do It Now” mindset – Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today. And if you can’t finish what you start, that’s okay too. Take whatever steps you can—right now.
  5. Build a Better Normal – Let’s use our influence to promote equality and justice, cultivate inclusiveness, and empower others to grow personally and professionally!!!

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