Pittsburgh Civic Hackathon and SheInnovates 2021

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by: IQ Admin

Over the past couple of weekends, some of our dedicated IQ employees took some of their personal time to participate in two local hackathons. The Pittsburgh Civic Hackathon, and Pitt’s Women’s Hackathon, SheInnovates 2021. IQ was a Gold Sponsor for SheInnovates, as well as being a Participating Sponsor for the Pittsburgh Civic Hackathon.

IQ software engineer, Tom Ruch was a participant at the Pittsburgh Civic Hackathon over the weekend of January 29-31. According to Tom his team built a “functional automatic bike/pedestrian/vehicle counter that uploads the numbers to an aggregation website that could be used for traffic studies to back any number of things from route planning to bike lane advocacy.”

Some of the other projects from the hackathon were a website that tracked COVID vaccines, a service that puts ads on port authority busses to bring down the cost of ridership, and a counseling connection service for first responders.

Overall the event went well with Tom saying “I haven’t done any machine learning in awhile, so it was nice to get back into it for a bit.”

Also, during the weekend of February 5-7, IQ test engineer Sharri Thomas, along with IQ software engineers Roy Zhang, Steve Hayashi, and Ottania Rosario were mentors for SheInnovates 2021.

IQ is a company that believes in outreach into the community. Whether through our social good initiatives, our trivia nights, or our mentoring at hackathons, IQ is passionate about helping people, and bringing people closer together.

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