IQ Team Building

IQ utilizes the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment tool to help us better understand our co-workers. It offers insight into our behaviors, motivations, and development areas. It helps us improve our communication and understand our team dynamics. We recently held a Predictive Index learning session with our PI consultant, Beth Friel from Day 91 Consulting, learning a lot about each other and our approach to problem solving.

As a team we were broken into smaller teams of 7, and all of us were given a company objective to craft an idea around for 2019. In the end, there were many creative minds and¬†different personalities pooled together, which lead to some amazing ideas which could all benefit our company vision and goals! Check out some of the pictures from the session. Also, a take away from one of our employees: “I thought the PI Index learning session was enlightening. It was cool to see how each personality played a role in the decision-making process. I especially enjoyed the group presentations at the end of the session. We all had different but equally great ideas and it was nice to see that on display! It was valuable output and the overall session was highly valuable.”