Virtual Tech Trivia

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by: IQ Admin

On Thursday February 25th, IQ held the 7th installment of our Tech Trivia. Tech Trivia was contrived by a team internally with the idea of creating an informal yet challenging, competitive, and most importantly FUN event that would act as a networking forum to provide opportunity for Pittsburgh technical professionals and those sharing common passions to meet and connect with one another.

Prior to COVID, our event was held at Mario’s East Side Saloon in Shadyside. It had become a staple event for our organization and was always wonderful chance to see old and new faces (the pizza and beer didn’t hurt either.) Unfortunately, once quarantine began, we had to put an end to our in-person trivia. BUT, have no fear, we were not about to give up on our cherished event and were excited by the challenge of how to tackle the challenge of connecting those in our community during a global pandemic. Because in all reality, it is probably more important right now than ever before to provide events such as Tech Trivia to keep our local tech scene thriving.

We firmly believe that IQ and the world alike can come out on the other side of this challenging year stronger than before and ready to innovate the world around us!! So when it came time to decide what to do with our event, the answer was simple: THE SHOW MUST GO ON! SAY HELLO TO VIRTUAL TECH TRIVIA!

For this installment, we decided to try out a new hosting platform, Sporcle, to whom we’d like to extend a huge shoutout for helping to make the event a great experience for everyone. Questions were a mixed theme of technical – IT/CS oriented – and pop culture, so that even if attendees were not technical guru’s, they still had a good chance to compete!

Over 60 people attended from different businesses, groups, and backgrounds from all around Pittsburgh. The music was great, the questions were loads of fun, and the company of strangers/friends alike was a welcome and refreshing change of pace while everyone has dealt with varying degrees of social isolation over the past year.

From IQ’s perspective, we were beyond grateful to be able to provide this respite from the work week/all things serious in general! Tech trivia once again achieved it’s goal: to showcase the fun we have at IQ, but even more so, to connect those in our technical community and put a smile on the faces of those same individuals!