Technical Blog Series 1 – UI and UX, a journey with IQ Inc.

Technical Blog Series Alert – UI/UX 2020, an IQ Inc. 8-part blogging journey…

IQ Inc.’s UI / UX Blog Series is here! What does this mean, you ask?!

Starting February 2020, we will be starting an 8-Part, monthly blog series about the wonderful and quirky world of user experience (UX). Lately, UX has been a sort of buzzword around the tech community and we want to demystify some of its mysteries. Blog posts will be centered around a certain UX topic and include several real-world applications of how it relates to the work we do for our clients and our team here at IQ Inc. headquarters.

Stay tuned for more and the first installment piece in our new Technical Blog Series, highlighting UI/UX design principle applications and more.