Reflecting on IQ

An excerpt from our recent newsletter…

Beate Salter has seen IQ Inc grow from the ground up. She moved into the Pittsburgh area in 1990 and met Barb while looking for a job. Barb saw something in Beate that made her think she was a good fit for US Steel, it worked wonderfully! When Beate’s daughter was born, she took time off from work to raise her, and when she was ready to rejoin the workforce in 1996, Barb was waiting to help her again, this time as a consultant for IQ Inc.

Beate, at employee #28, has seen the number of employees increase exponentially and IQ’s horizons have broadened beyond the borders of Pennsylvania. In Beate’s eyes, the company has never been more successful. Barb hires her employees not just for the companies that she is placing them in, but for IQ Inc. Companies have come to trust her judgment in employees and know that an employee of IQ is going to be a successful match for them.

Employees are important to IQ. We understand you might need time to move away and try something on your own. We’ll be here for you if or when you return. Beate spoke of how she left to try something new with her life, and when that didn’t work, Barb was ready to bring her back into IQ and had her working again in no time. Even when the company Beate was placed in had to cut back on contractors, Barb worked with Beate to find more work. That is one of the things that Beate enjoys most about her job – the flexibility that IQ offers. IQ Inc grows with it’s employees and continuously develops to serve them best.

For instance, in 2008 IQ Inc was nominated for the Pittsburgh Business Ethics Award, but when that award went to another small business, Barb asked “Why?” She found out what she had to do in order to improve the company ethics program and immediately made those improvements. Sure enough, the next year it was IQ taking home the Pittsburgh Business Ethics Award. That’s just how the company, and Barb, works – always improving and looking for ways to progress.

IQ is making big steps towards it’s future and you can be sure Barb won’t forget the importance of the people who make IQ the success it is.