IQ Values in Action: We Care

Caring about the well-being and development of employees is at the core of having a healthy and thriving work place. At IQ Inc, this is a constant theme. We go above and beyond to encourage and nurture with our culture, atmosphere, and events held by the company. The aim of these events empower our employees to reach the peak of their abilities while operating in a comfortable and happy workplace.

One such recent event was the IQ Professional Development Conference, held on October 23rd. Employees of IQ Inc. were invited to attend presentations given by their colleagues on subjects ranging from Machine Learning and Blockchain to Effective Learning and Physical Fitness.

Tom Whittaker, an IQ Software Architect, and the primary organizer of the event stated, “The IQ Professional Development Conference was created with the goal of taking all of the diverse experience that is held by our employees and disseminating that knowledge throughout the company. It provides team members who have a specific skill, experience, or strength a platform wherein they can share with their peers a piece of that knowledge. But more important than that, their peers now know that they hold that knowledge. We want to provide our team members with information about who might be the best person to ask when they hit a specific problem or roadblock.”

We care greatly about the professional and personal development of our employees. We hire employees with a diverse range of technical backgrounds and skillsets in order to meet specific client needs, and we encourage collaboration throughout the company. This combination of diversity and collaboration allows the vast and varied knowledge base of our professionals to be shared with whom they work – a sort of Tech-Osmosis!