IQ Inc…Great Culture…Great Place to Work


IQ Inc…Great Culture…Great Place to Work

This is the first in a series of blogs about our Great Culture and the values we embrace:

IQ Inc. is a leading technology company that works with clients on end to end software projects. At IQ, we strive to hire and develop the best technical expertise in the industry! We want to leave a positive and lasting impression on people both inside and outside the company. Technical expertise is vital in the industries we serve, and is vital in maintaining a high level of achievement; but…it is the PEOPLE, our employees, that set us apart from the rest!

IQ Inc. fundamentally believes that building an organization with a strong culture is the best way to maintain a high level of achievement. At IQ Inc. culture is everything! Great people skills belong above great technical skills. The belief behind this approach is nothing more, and nothing less – when you can cooperate, respect, collaborate, speak honestly, and trust one other the business results will naturally follow. IQ recognizes that people are the true fuel of any growing organization. That’s where the motivation can be found, the drive, the ideas, and the power. The IQ culture takes seriously the need to make sure every team member feels important, engaged, energized, and happy to be part of the dynamic.

This significant value on culture and people skills begins with every hire….. Fitting in with the culture of the company is the most important quality in IQ’s hiring process. IQ looks deep, beyond the important technical skills, while hiring. We look for team members that embrace the culture of the company allowing the company to grow stronger with each new hire. The organization takes the approach of: What a team member knows today in terms of technical skills is not as important as being ready for and understanding what may be needed technically and socially tomorrow – and, beyond ….How well a person embraces, engages, and contributes to IQ and our clients may be the most important trait of all.

In future blogs we will share our core values, the impact of each value and how we work together to build a great culture and a great company.

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