One of the staples to our culture and business model at IQ Inc. is being dedicated to the overall well being and success of our clients and employees.

We try to ensure this by going above and beyond to understand needs of our clients’ as well as the challenges they are facing in order to provide them with capable and innovative solutions to conquer their software obstacles.

By having regular and in-depth communication with our clients, as well as on-site IQ client liaisons, we are better able to understand their objectives and adjust our work with them accordingly.

One recent example cited by IQ Software Engineer, Zach Hull, was with a client of ours that was in the process of adopting more Agile methodologies, something that our team is very familiar with.

“Our team worked closely with our client in order to demonstrate Agile techniques. In the beginning of the fourth quarter, a new feature was added as a priority by a customer. During planning meetings, the IQ team volunteered to develop the feature in a fully agile fashion by writing requirements, implementing code, and testing in parallel. This process allowed the team to work closely with the clients Engineers and Analysts to iterate on requirements, arriving at a better deliverable to the customer. The development of this feature required precise coordination with client teams to help facilitate changes to the entire system. Development using Agile techniques has led to higher validation rates and better-quality deliverables to customers.”

These results have helped to encourage client scrum teams to adopt Agile development and streamline their software development.

Something we take very seriously when identifying potential IQ team members is a genuine passion for technology and problem solving. By hiring employees that already possess these qualities and that truly enjoy working in tech, it allows us to ensure that our team members are invested in their roles and are happy while performing them, which leads to an overall dedication our work.

IQ does everything we can to enhance the experience of our employees. Whether it be through participating in lunch and learns, going to networking events, or partnering with other IQ employees to learn new technologies, we strive to make sure that employees’ experience both personal and professional growth while employed at IQ.

At IQ Inc, we believe that a dedication to our clients and employees lies at the foundation of a successful and happy workplace and we strive to make sure that is a constant in our organization.