Employee Spotlight – Vijeta Prasad

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by: IQ Admin
  1. What motivates you every day?  The thought that I am contributing to a bigger cause, like a small piece of a big puzzle, motivates me everyday. I like how my work contributes to making a better quality product, be it a medical device or transportation systems. Working with a highly talented team brings in a lot of interactions, knowledge sharing and learning that motivates me every single day.
  2. Briefly describe what you do at IQ.  I am a Software Test Engineer, my days are packed with user story refinement, discussions with the team, writing test cases, lots and lots of testing from exploratory testing, regression testing, acceptance testing, usability testing and many more. Writing up defects and Edge case Testing of the application excites me. I am also an Engagement leader for IQ, this role is also part of the project management team and I enjoy my role where I get to engage in and help grow and develop the people reporting to me and software development processes for the project services part of the business.
  3. What does your workspace look like?  Since the pandemic I have been working from home, my workspace is next to the window (with a view) and consists of my IQ name tag, two monitors with lots of colorful sticky notes on it, IQ mouse pad and a standup desk. A desk organizer helps me keep my work space tidy. I have IQ coasters to keep my desk clean (from coffee mug stains) and most importantly a handmade paper sign made by my daughter with the wording ‘On a Zoom Video call’, so that she knows when I am on a video call.
  4. What do you like to do outside of work? Outside of work?  Outside of work I love to spend time with my family, cooking, gardening and lots of outdoor activities during warm weather and board games and cross stitching during winters. Last winter I started Diamond painting, very satisfying.
  5. What advice do you have for others in your profession?  The advice I have for others in my profession is just do your best. Believe in yourself and never compromise with the quality of work. Processes in place are like safety nets. Do not hesitate to escalate issues, a code fix at an early stage of implementation is better than defects in the field.
  6. What do you love about IQ Inc?  What I love about IQ is the positive and welcoming vibes. You feel part of the team right from day one, a place where you grow everyday. The freedom of being yourself gives a lot of confidence and strength to overcome challenges. Here at IQ we are One Team!