Employee Spotlight – Eric Frick

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by: IQ Admin
  1. What motivates you every day? I love learning new things. The ability to learn a new skill and apply it to something I’m working on is a major driving factor for me.
  2. Briefly describe what you do at IQ. I’m a software engineer and an Engagement Leader. Most of my time is spent doing engineering work for train systems, but I also have the ability to connect with my co-workers as an Engagement Leader and hopefully help them grow in their careers.
  3. What does your work space look like? At the start of the pandemic, I took the opportunity to revamp my home office. I have a 4K monitor with wireless accessories. Also my guitars are hung up on the wall.
  4. What do you like to do outside of work? Most of my activities outside of work involve spending time with my family. I have 3 young boys that keep me busy. I recently started wood-working as a hobby and have been using that skill to renovate our house.
  5. What advice do you have for others in your profession? Learn as much as you can. Find some technology that interests you and try to make an application with it. The best way to learn is by doing.
  6. What do you love about IQ Inc? I love the people of IQ and the flexibility the company provides.