Employee Spotlight – Alan Barker

As we wind down an incredible 2019, we are excited to share our next Employee Spotlight and shine it on Alan Barker, Software Architect at IQ Inc.  Alan has graced IQ Inc. with his technical chops and kind, yet curious, demeanor, for over 6 years!  Read what Alan shared about his experiences here:

  1. What motivates you every day? I like building things that I know are going to help someone, impact a life, improve productivity.  I like knowing building something is useful.
  2. Briefly describe what you do all day. I lead projects and oversee other developers, while also doing hands-on design and development for multiple IQ Inc. clients.
  3. What does your work space look like?There is a ridiculous amount of tech gadgets, laptops, and computer paraphernalia.  There is not room for much else!
  4. What do you like to do when you’re not at the office?I spend time with my lovely wife and sweet, 5 year-old daughter.  I also write, record and perform music.
  5. What advice do you have for others in your profession?A good developer, in my opinion, will never stop asking questions, never stop being curious, and developing themselves and their knowledge even when the project is “done.”
  6. What do you love about IQ Inc? The people at IQ Inc. are GREAT, and I love the open collaborative environment! I like the opportunity to learn new technologies through IQ Inc. project work.