Past and Present Employee Testimonials

“I have always enjoyed working with Barbara and IQ. I could let her know of my concerns and she would help me in any way possible. When I started looking to return to work after being a stay-at-home mom we worked together on an arrangement for me to return to a company on a part-time basis which worked out perfectly for me.”
— Beate S, Database Developer

“IQ has been there for me at various stages of my professional career. I really appreciate IQ’s flexibility and their desire to find the best fit for both the consultant/employee and the client/employer. They helped me to find “extra” work when my family really needed a little extra income. IQ has also helped me find a full time position with a great local company. And most recently, IQ has made it possible for me to fill a senior consulting role for various local and national companies as a full time IQ consultant. At each step, IQ has thoughtfully considered my desires and abilities and has matched them with the needs and expectations of a great organization.”
— Tim S, Software Architect

“When I first came to IQ I was looking for career guidance, but what I found was a company who I wanted to work for. IQ is so different from other companies because of the culture- employees are always encouraged to dream big and then find a way to make it happen!”
— Jackie L, Marketing Specialist

“The stories are too numerous about the people who have passed through IQ’s doors, but all roads lead back to here in one way or another. Many consultants have come and gone, but they always keep in touch—whether it is to come back and work for IQ or to open doors to new clients.”
— Mary W, Employee Relations Specialist

“It has been a great pleasure to work at IQ. I enjoy the company culture and have met some of the nicest and most dedicated people here. Everyone in the organization is friendly and focused on their projects, knowledgeable and committed to excellence.”
— Pavan V, Software Engineer

“IQ really believes in the skills everyone brings to the table and is very conscientious about not micromanaging and not over-burdening employees with unnecessary procedures. I am constantly challenged and am impressed with how grounded and supportive management is in maintaining a balanced and respectful environment.”
— Sai G, Senior Software Engineer

“IQ is a unique environment. From day one, employees have a strong sense of ownership over their work. This is true with all levels and facets of the company and is one of the very special parts of IQ’s culture. When people have a personal stake in the success of the company, they can often achieve goals that were once thought to be un-achievable.”
— Mike D, Project Manager

“IQ is a great company to work for! From the moment I began inquiring about an opportunity, I was immediately treated like I was already part of the team by the recruiting staff, the other consultants and Barb. This open-armed approach to the hiring process helped me to realize that working for IQ would be a good fit for me.”
— Justin B, Computer Operator

“Working at IQ can be equated to a good round of golf. The course you take can be level, or it can be interspersed with hills and valleys to conquer. It can be challenging, but with that challenge comes a refreshing new point of view, but one thing it will never be is boring! And while the game sometimes seems unconquerable, there’s always that one thing that keeps you coming back for more…at IQ, it is Barb and the entire IQ team!”
— Gina R, Business Development Manager

“IQ truly is different than other consulting companies I have worked for in the past. Barb attends every meeting and knows exactly what is going on with every aspect of the company. Her open door policy and dedicated work ethic are refreshing. She is open to and encourages new ideas or suggestions. IQ is very much a “team” atmosphere and it’s amazing to see where the company will go in the future!”
— Roberta S, Technical Recruiter