For the software development professional, IQ Inc. offers computer science jobs and opportunities to work with cutting-edge tools in new, exciting, and relevant fields, such as robotics, energy, transportation, and medical technology.

We describe IQ’s culture with these six pillars:

WE ARE ONE TEAM… that is encouraging and supportive.

WE ARE COMMITTED… to the success of our clients.

WE CARE about the growth and development of our people, our clients, and our community.

WE COMMUNICATE HONESTLY, creating an open, transparent, and trust-based environment.

WE PURSUE EXCELLENCE.. through creativity, continuous improvement, and effective, efficient execution.

WE ARE DEDICATED… to work hard, solving problems, and having fun while we do it!

For a better look at what it’s like to work as an IQ team member, check out our IQ Culture and Employee Testimonials. We like to keep IQ a close-knit family; our after-work get-togethers and the charity events we take part in can attest to that.

If we’ve already won you over and you want to see opportunities for you, check out the current Career Opportunities.

Aadu Pirn is now a full-time software engineer with IQ Inc.!  He started in January 2018 after completing three rotations as a co-op engineer from the University of Pittsburgh. Here is what he has to say about working at IQ.