So you want to take IQ Pay for a test drive? Well strap in because we are about to show you just how easy it is to take control of client payments.

First let’s get you prepared – Instructions on how to use the system and test payment info that you can enter to start.

Pick a view and log in with Username: Password: IQPay123!





Please note that only one view may be open at a time and that all information entered is stored in an internal database.

Want something a little more private?

Register now for a personalized demo! You will be set up with a temporary company account including a personalized login, password, and unique URL made just for you! Test drive the IQ Pay system for a full 30 days to see how easily you can being collecting payments with IQ Pay.

You can set up users, or have your actual customers register for the demo site to see how IQ Pay works to start collecting outstanding balances.

Please note that no actual transactions are processed through the personalized demo. In order to process test payments you will need to use the test payment info.