IQ Pay - Version 2.5 brings more customization

2016-05-31 12:00:22

Murrysville PA – IQ Inc. continues to build IQ Pay into the perfect solution for business owners looking to streamline their accounts receivables with the release of IQ Pay v2.5. Below is an overview of what this new release brings:

  • Additional Payment Gateway
    • Added integration with USA ePay gives IQ Pay even more flexibility and customization. This industry leading payment gateway has been providing fast and secure service for over 15 years. Partnered with IQ Pay they are able to provide top-level security for your transactions.
  • Customized Demo
    • You can now request a custom demo to test drive IQ Pay! Your custom demo is unique to you and will store information for a full 30 days, allowing you time to explore the system. After 30 days all data entered into your custom demo will be securely deleted, or transferred into your new IQ Pay account!

IQ Pay – Smart. Fast. Secure.

Contact Information: For more information about IQ Pay contact IQ Inc. via email or by phone at 724-327-3441

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IQ Pay Release 2.0 - Continuous Improvement

2016-03-11 12:00:45

Release 2.0 Bring New Look/Feel and Enhancements

Murrysville, PA – IQ Inc is committed to bringing the best possible solutions to our customers, and in this spirit, we have made our IQ Pay product even better!

We are pleased to announce IQ Pay v2.0 – Below is an overview of the latest changes:

  • New Look and Feel: IQ Pay has a new User interFACE (UI) to deliver a more enhanced, streamlined experience:
    • An updated login page that easily allows customers and admins to login or register for the system
    • A new layout within the system, optimized both for PC and mobile use, with easy-to-read menu tabs on the left side of the page and easier to read fields
  • Multiple Payment Types Accepted: Customers can now input up to 10 different payment types, including Credit card, Debit card and ACH
    • Customers can deem one payment type as “Default” which merchants can automatically pull payments from
  • Updated Registration Process: The Registration process has been completely updated to include easy-to-follow instructions to guide customers to create a complete account in the system (including payment information)
  • Admin and Customer Side Integrated: Both admins and customers can now login to IQ Pay through the same web link – no need to login using separate links on the admin and customer side
  • Reporting Functionality: We have now integrated Transaction History Reporting functionality, allowing admins to easily pull transactions based on date, and easily export the report to an Excel file
  • Customer Email Live Links: Admins now have the ability to email customers directly from the IQ Pay system

Contact Information:For more information about IQ Pay contact IQ Inc. via email  or by phone at 724-327-3441

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Introducing IQ Pay

2016-02-09 17:01:41

Small service-based merchants often don’t get paid with the same assured regularity that salaried, or even hourly, workers do. Instead, you could be following up with a client months after the project was completed, trying to figure out whether a check was ever cut, or whether it just got lost in the mail. And until now, the only way to ensure payment delivery occurred on time was to institute late fees, continuously hound customers until payment is received, or even send threatening letters.  But those days can now be behind you –  Introducing IQ Pay, a new cloud based payment solution designed to alleviate the stress, delays, and risk of payment collection, so you can get back to business faster.


Never Deal with Late Payments….Again

Have you ever had to have a painful conversation with a customer about a late or delinquent payment?  IQ Pay allows both service-based merchants and their customers to process payments either on a one time or recurring basis.  And more importantly, IQ Pay accepts all credit card, debit card, and ACH (Traditional banking account) types, allowing you to accommodate all of your customers needs.


Securely Manage Cash Flow

IQ Pay utilizes the superior security of a payment gateway, such as, to safely and securely capture customer payment information.  In addition, with the new standards for EMV Card Chip technology, more and more card fraud activity will move online, meaning a greater risk to your business and your customer’s sensitive information – IQ Pay’s longtime integration with, the internet’s most secure payment gateway, provides unparalleled security for you and your customers.


Easy Integration & Use

If you are currently ending paper invoices to customers, or emailing them a link to a third party payment site to collect payment, you can breathe a sigh of relief at last.  Unlike other payment gateway companies, IQ Pay has no need for complicated coding or setup – it easily integrates directly into your website to provide easy access within minutes for your admins and customers.  In addition, a streamlined, simple user design makes IQ Pay simple for both admins and customers to use.

For more information about IQ Pay contact IQ Inc. via email us at or phone at 724-327-3441.  We always welcome comments and feedback about our system, and invite you to tell us how we can improve IQ Pay to better fit your needs!

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IQ Inc. on the PTC's Techvibe Radio

2016-01-11 10:27:00

The Pittsburgh Technology Council hosts a radio show that interviews trend setting companies in the Pittsburgh technology and entrepreneurial communities. So it’s no surprise that IQ Inc. has been their guest on the show already!

We are returning to the studio to sit with Audrey Russo and Jonathan Kersting to share our innovative payment solution for small businesses – IQ Pay! Be sure to tune in on Friday, January 19th at 7pm to not miss out!

Already listened to the previous radio show and can’t wait till Friday? The PTC also published an article in their teQ Magazine covering IQ Inc. that you can read here!

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IQ Pay - Dedicated to Continuous Improvement

2016-01-11 08:00:24

Release 1.2 Bring New Enhancement and Necessary Fixes

Murrysville, PA – IQ Inc is committed to bringing the best possible solutions to our customers, and in this spirit, we have made some necessary changes to our IQ Pay product to deliver added benefits to our valuable customers.
We are pleased to announce the release of IQ Pay v1.2 – Below is an overview of the latest changes:

  • Prompt Customers to Complete Registration: We have created two new communication vehicles to assure ALL customers create a complete profile in the system, including billing address AND payment information:
    • An updated Registration Confirmation email with instructions to properly create an account in the system
    • An automatically generated email sent to any active IQ Pay users who have not yet entered in their customer or payment information
  • Pull One-Time Payments: Merchants now have the ability to charge one-time payments from their customers rather than requiring their customers to create an account in IQ Pay
  • Easily Update Payment Profiles: It is now easier than ever for customers and admins to update payment profile information in the system
  • Accepted Terms & Conditions Emailed: Once a user enters payment information and chooses a specific set of terms & conditions, the terms will be conveniently emailed to them for their reference
  • Confirm Before Paying: A confirmation page has been added prior to processing a payment, providing added security
  • Other Various Fixes: Several other small yet necessary fixes have been made in the system to enhance functionality and usability

Contact Information: For more information about IQ Pay, visit the website at, or contact IQ Inc. via email at or phone at 724-327-3441.

About IQ Inc.: Since 1994 IQ Inc. has provided superior software and consulting services to their clients in the city of Pittsburgh and beyond. Dedicated to the success of their clients and employees, IQ Inc. is known for providing exceptional service and talent personalized for their clients.

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