IQ Pay Receives a Facelift Both On The Screen and Behind The Scenes

Security updates, a new user interface, and extended capabilities

IQ Inc. would like to announce new usability and security updates to the IQ Pay system that are being pushed out to Merchants and Customers.

New security standards implemented include:

  • Enforced password strength
  • Requiring email addresses to be verified upon Customer registration
  • Improved and simplified email based password reset process

Usability updates include:

  • New user interface that performs in both desktop and mobile environments
  • Automatic emails that come directly from the Merchant
  • Added support allowing the integration of different payment gateways

“We are very excited to push this update to our clients and their customers. IQ Pay is now even easier to integrate with your business and your customers will appreciate the security and ease of use it provides. IQ Pay is an even stronger solution to the pain of unpaid invoices – both for our clients and their customers!”

– Barbara VanKirk, President and CEO of IQ Inc, the company behind IQ Pay

The update will be pushed automatically on October 2nd, 2015 and no action is required from Merchants or Customers to continue using the IQ Pay system. To ensure continued ease of use for Customers, all current Customer account email addresses are pre-verified and Customers are not held to the new secure password requirements until they elect to change their password. Additionally the sender email address for all automated emails will automatically be updated to the address tied to the Merchant account to ensure that Customers can easily and quickly contact their Merchant.

About IQ Inc.: Since 1994 IQ Inc. has provided superior software services and consultants to their clients in the city of Pittsburgh and beyond. Dedicated to the success of their clients and employees, IQ Inc. is known for providing exceptional service and talent personalized for their clients.