IQ Pay – Dedicated to Continuous Improvement

Release 1.2 Bring New Enhancement and Necessary Fixes

Murrysville, PA – IQ Inc is committed to bringing the best possible solutions to our customers, and in this spirit, we have made some necessary changes to our IQ Pay product to deliver added benefits to our valuable customers.
We are pleased to announce the release of IQ Pay v1.2 – Below is an overview of the latest changes:

  • Prompt Customers to Complete Registration: We have created two new communication vehicles to assure ALL customers create a complete profile in the system, including billing address AND payment information:
    • An updated Registration Confirmation email with instructions to properly create an account in the system
    • An automatically generated email sent to any active IQ Pay users who have not yet entered in their customer or payment information
  • Pull One-Time Payments: Merchants now have the ability to charge one-time payments from their customers rather than requiring their customers to create an account in IQ Pay
  • Easily Update Payment Profiles: It is now easier than ever for customers and admins to update payment profile information in the system
  • Accepted Terms & Conditions Emailed: Once a user enters payment information and chooses a specific set of terms & conditions, the terms will be conveniently emailed to them for their reference
  • Confirm Before Paying: A confirmation page has been added prior to processing a payment, providing added security
  • Other Various Fixes: Several other small yet necessary fixes have been made in the system to enhance functionality and usability

Contact Information: For more information about IQ Pay, visit the website at, or contact IQ Inc. via email at or phone at 724-327-3441.

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