IQ Pay Release 2.0 – Continuous Improvement

Release 2.0 Bring New Look/Feel and Enhancements

Murrysville, PA – IQ Inc is committed to bringing the best possible solutions to our customers, and in this spirit, we have made our IQ Pay product even better!

We are pleased to announce IQ Pay v2.0 – Below is an overview of the latest changes:

  • New Look and Feel: IQ Pay has a new User interFACE (UI) to deliver a more enhanced, streamlined experience:
    • An updated login page that easily allows customers and admins to login or register for the system
    • A new layout within the system, optimized both for PC and mobile use, with easy-to-read menu tabs on the left side of the page and easier to read fields
  • Multiple Payment Types Accepted: Customers can now input up to 10 different payment types, including Credit card, Debit card and ACH
    • Customers can deem one payment type as “Default” which merchants can automatically pull payments from
  • Updated Registration Process: The Registration process has been completely updated to include easy-to-follow instructions to guide customers to create a complete account in the system (including payment information)
  • Admin and Customer Side Integrated: Both admins and customers can now login to IQ Pay through the same web link – no need to login using separate links on the admin and customer side
  • Reporting Functionality: We have now integrated Transaction History Reporting functionality, allowing admins to easily pull transactions based on date, and easily export the report to an Excel file
  • Customer Email Live Links: Admins now have the ability to email customers directly from the IQ Pay system

Contact Information:For more information about IQ Pay contact IQ Inc. via email  or by phone at 724-327-3441