Industries Served

IQ Inc. embraces the business of our customers by collaborating with them to develop a thorough understanding of their needs. IQ’s experienced and highly qualified software engineers excel at software design, software development, and documentation. We also provide outstanding quality assurance and testing to meet all customer requirements.  IQ can create an entire system from start to finish or customize existing applications accurately and on time. Years of experience give IQ consultants insight into a number of industries. In addition, IQ is always looking to provide innovative solutions in new areas.

These are some key industries IQ supports:

Medical Devices

IQ has supported multiple Medical Device clients over the years, providing embedded and stand-alone software for ventilators, injection systems, eye surgery tools, and sleep apnea devices. Because these devices are strictly regulated by the FDA, software must be carefully designed in accordance with government requirements and IEC standards. This requires a thorough knowledge of those standards and the utmost attention to documentation.

IQ’s in-depth knowledge of federal guidelines results in shorter development and approval times, giving IQ clients an advantage over competitors trying to create similar technology. IQ’s quality assurance team also sees to it that software is carefully and systematically tested to ensure it is safe for commercial use.

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Manufacturing companies deliver off-the-shelf, as well as custom products. Sales representatives must be able to turn customer requirements into specifications and provide their customers with accurate price quotes. IQ designed and developed an application that provides fast, custom product quotations, vital for maintaining a company’s edge in a highly competitive environment. IQ staff also has experience designing applications to collect shop floor data used for scheduling manufacturing processes.

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IQ has proven itself to be a reliable provider of Transportation systems as a result of our in-depth understanding of operational issues. Switching systems ensure the safety of freight and passenger trains, while centralized rail control software is critical for the smooth operation of “people-movers” and other light rail systems. IQ has provided switching and control software, in addition to database applications that maintain safety and employee information. Our innovative solutions for defining requirements and generating code make it possible for teams to meet aggressive development schedules, while systematic testing leads to quicker implementation, satisfied customers, and consistent repeat business.

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Did you know that Pittsburgh is often referred to as Roboburgh, and our city is the birthplace of self-driving vehicles? It’s true! And our area has seen 300% growth in employment in the robotics sector since 2011, according to the Pittsburgh Robotics Network. Roboburgh is also home to the CMU Robotics Institute, the first university to offer a Ph.D. in robotics!

IQ Inc. works with several robotics companies in the Greater Pittsburgh area, providing software development and testing services on a consulting basis. IQ’s knowledge and experience in regulated industries working on control systems and medical devices, for example, has enabled our company to leverage our expertise to provide high-quality software solutions for our robotics clients.

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Energy is a rapidly evolving industry requiring various types of IT support from data warehousing and data mining to mathematical modeling. IQ has provided a number of original solutions over the years for nuclear energy, as well as for coal and fossil fuels. Our understanding of engineering standards and federal regulations allows us to accurately and quickly design, test, and implement systems. Examples of IQ applications include data mining capabilities for the Department of Energy and a mathematical model to simulate the effect of radiation on nuclear plant components.

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Healthcare is no longer just about “doctoring.” Information management has become a key component in providing quality services, such as patient records, tracking test results, and supporting business functions. IQ has experience with various health care applications to manage caseloads and laboratory results. In addition, IQ was an early player in developing systems for electronic prescription processing and analyzing prescriptions for harmful interactions. Finally, all applications were designed to adhere to HIPAA regulations.

Whether to track patient information, support business operations, or manage and process prescriptions, we have qualified engineers to design solutions, develop and test applications, and prepare documentation that comply with federal regulations.

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Financial and business applications are critical to the fast-changing business environment of today.  Project teams and IQ consultants have extensive knowledge of databases, programing tools, and various computing platforms, allowing us to successfully provide a wide range of business solutions to our customers.

Some IQ products and services include:

  • SaaS products: Web-based payment system and case management system
  • Custom software that interfaces to existing client documentation system
  • ORACLE accounting application, data warehouse, and reporting for profit analysis
  • Access/Excel systems

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