Fully Customized Web Application for Government Contractor

Industries: Government
Services: Custom Software Development & Engineering, Product Development

The Company: Fully Customized Quality and Reliability Software

IQ worked with a government contractor to build a fully customized web based application that helped to various areas of government go through a digital transformation. This digital transformation was part of a larger project but IQ worked with their client to build out a fully customized cloud based software for their quality and reliability management systems.

The Challenge: Build out a fully customized quality and reliability software for a government contractor

IQ was tasked with working with a government contractor to build a fully customized piece of quality and reliability software to help them go through a major digital transformation.  IQ worked with the team to understand every aspect of the business needs to build something that truly helped solve their on going problem with their existing quality and reliability software. The team needed a fully customized piece of software, so the IQ team started from scratch and built everything to their specific specifications.

The Solution: A fully customized and modern web application solution to meet the customer's needs

In the end, IQ was able to work hand-in-hand with the customer to put together a truly customized piece of software that met the needs of the client and gave them a solution that helped them meet their needs with a much improved process around their quality and reliability software.  IQ used tools like AWS cloud solutions, React, and .NET, C#.  IQ was able to bring a team of developers, project managers, and engineering leadership to compliment the client’s existing team members.  This collaboration allowed for everyone to leave the project feeling good and the client getting what they desired!