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The Courage to Inspire: Saluting the Leading Women in Business

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Andrew DiPanfilo,

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Barbara VanKirk – IQ Murrysville, PA When Barbara VanKirk founded IQ in 1994, her vision was to provide professional consulting and software development services to IT companies in the Pittsburgh area, contributing to the growing needs of IT professionals. After nearly fifteen years and countless accomplishments, IQ and VanKirk have moved on to become an incredible success story within their industry. Recently breaking into new market segments like the emerging software development market for local nonprofits and small and mid-sized businesses, IQ is poised for even more expansion. VanKirk’s dedication and desire have helped her company grow exponentially and have garnered countrywide recognition from the likes of Enterprising Womens Magazine and The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Dept. of Economic Development. Excited for the future, VanKirk is thankful for the dedication and diligent work of her employees, who look to her for inspiration. Her motto remains: “lead by example, and you will be followed.” 2007 Revenue: $10,000,000

The history of women in business is a long and diverse chapter in the pages of American history; filled with stories of success, perseverance and unwavering resolve. Thousands of strong women have achieved success in all areas of business, finance, marketing and in other power positions all over the country and the world, using their unending strength to break the old molds and to allow themselves to be cast in the new ones. These women have become the new role models, so that those of us in the next generation might build upon their legacy of pride, confidence and achievement. It is our hope that, by celebrating these

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